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University of Hawaii – Honolulu Community College – Cafeteria Building

The Cafeteria at Honolulu Community College consists of  16 Heliodyne Gobi panels which are heat protected through a Heliodyne HCOM that through a closed loop and Pressure Stagnation Protection will ensure long life to the system.

University of Hawaii – Honolulu Community College – Cosmetology Building

The system at Honolulu Community College's Cosmetology building also has a 940 gallon HaaseAtmospheric Storage Tank paired with 12 GOBI panels and utilizes a closed loop / drain backdesign to ensure long life to the system.

Makiki Holiday ‐ closed loop – atmospheric storage solar hot water system.

The 15 Heliodyne GOBI 410 panels and 940 gallon Haase Energy Atmospheric Storage Tank are located on the roof of the Makiki Holiday Building. The closed loop design allows for heat protection and corrosion protection because the city water does not flow through the collectors. Solar energy is stored in the Haase tank for use on demand.  This system was financed by a developer in conjunctions with a complete boiler replacement and the customer only pays for the hot water delivered to the building.  They paid zero up front for the complete system including a new condensing gas boiler that is 92% efficient.

University of Hawaii – Leeward Community College – Campus Center.

The Leeward Community College Camps Center Solar Hot Water system provides hot water for the campus kitchen building serving the cafeteria and the culinary program. The system consists of a 940 gallon Haase Atmospheric Storage Tank and 16 Heliodyne GOBI 410 panels.  The system utilizes a closed loop / drain back design to protect the system when there is low or no demand and to ensure long life to the solar equipment.