The University of Hawaii projects consisted of three different solar hot water modules at two campuses.
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Building Energy Group founded in Honolulu, HI in 2004 as a renewable energy company.

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John Ogrodny began his career in environmental engineering and quickly transitioned into renewable energy…
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Solar Hot Water Financing for Condominums (AOAO), Hotels, Non‐Profits, Educational and Medical Facilities.

​Benefits of “RESA” Renewable Energy Service Agreement:

Building Energy Group
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 589‐1574
Hawaii's experts in skylights, daylighting, solar fans and solar hot water! 
  • Zero maintenance costs and headaches
  • All maintenance, warranty & equipment risk is covered by the third‐party investor‐owner, Developer
  • Zero risk to AOAO/Customer as planned ‐ System owner only makes money if system works
  • Investor‐owner brings its expertise in choosing contractors, equipment and services to minimize risk
  • Investor‐owner monitors performance to ensure output
  • Guaranteed energy production  – Customer doesn’t pay if system doesn’t produce
  • Zero capital costs for a new Solar Hot water system

  • Reduce need forAOAO  capital reserves, lower AOAO’s maintenance fees

  • Lowest possible total cost per month for hot water

  • Tax credit benefits to third party owner allow lower pricing to AOAO/Customer.

Solar Hot Water, Solar Fan & Skylight  iNSTALLATION