John Ogrodny began his career in environmental engineering and quickly transitioned into renewable energy…
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The University of Hawaii projects consisted of three different solar hot water modules at two campuses.
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Building Energy Group founded in Honolulu, HI in 2004 as a renewable energy company.

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Building Energy Group
Honolulu, HI 96817
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Solar Hot Water System

Hawaii's experts in skylights, daylighting, solar fans and solar hot water! 


- Blazing Tubes is the most efficient solar water heating system on the market today.  The Blazing Tubes design resolves many of the issues that have plagued solar hot water systems for decades.  

- Blazing Tubes is a self contained evacuated tube system with integral atmospheric storage and internal heat ex-changer.  With no moving parts, it stores energy like a battery and delivers hot water like a on demand water heater using city water pressure alone.  

- The incorporated evacuated tube technology is proven to be 50-150% more efficient at heating water in all weather conditions than competing solar water heating technologies.  The Blazing Tubes design life expectancy is double flat plate solar collectors.  This translates to a maximum return on investment from day 1 until year 30.